About Sally Johnson.

As a Registered Dietitian I spent many years working in traditional clinical and community settings before discovering and adopting an ancestrally based lifestyle. In my conventional practices, it became clear that the standard high carb, low fat diet wasn’t helping anyone. My clients weren’t achieving their goals and my own health was in a steep decline. I started researching alternative nutrition and I was curious about a new way of exercising that seemed to make those who did it really fit and strong. Ready for a fresh start, I walked into my local CrossFit, went Paleo and changed my life!
Incredible things happened when I gave up processed and inflammatory foods, and started CrossFitting several times a week. My digestion improved, I gained muscle, lost fat, and resolved a host of inflammatory health issues, some so quickly that I was stunned. My friends could see a difference in me right away. They told me I looked “brighter” which was exactly how I felt. That uninvited heavy brain fog, long settled in, was lifting and letting in the light.

In just a few months, my Paleo-CrossFit journey had taken me to a place I had been trying in vain to get to for 20 years with traditional methods. It turns out all I had to do was EAT REAL FOOD and workout at a level a bit beyond my comfort zone a few times a week. I now share this knowledge gained through experience with my clients and I’ve backed it up with plenty of additional education. I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Primal Health Coach, and level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach. I hold a level 1 CrossFit training certificate.

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More About Me

For more about my transformative nutrition and fitness journey, you can check out this in-depth article I wrote for PaleoHacks.com, How I Started Weightlifting At Age 47.
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